, 24/04/2021, 11:16 GMT+7

This weekend, let's have a great party with Mydibel potatoes right away. Let's start the story with delicious crispy Belgian potatoes at home with sweet potato fries dipped in rich mayonnaise, sweet potato dipped in butter and garlic sauce, baked potatoes with delicious shredded cheese, beef potatoes epic steak…

With raw materials are fresh potatoes, right "standard", grown on temperate land and good soil. Combined with modern processing and packaging technology… all must be perfect to produce French fries with a fresh and delicious flavor typical of Belgian potatoes.

The product is cholesterol free, gluten free, non GMO and low in fat. Mydibel is suitable for people with a strict vegetarian diet.

However, although the method is quite simple, not everyone can produce the right batch of crispy potatoes. To ensure that the fries are fried to perfection, some helpful tips from the 'golden recipe' of European experts will help you make crispy golden potatoes that last for a long time, but extremely easily. . Join TMT Food in the kitchen to make this delicious snack!

Step 1

- Before starting, you must always check the oil in the pan, if the oil is dark, you need to change the oil, to ensure the quality of the potatoes after frying is delicious as well as good for health.

- Put the oil in a pan and heat it at about 160 degrees Celsius, wait for the oil to boil a little, then put the potatoes in. Doing so will help wake up the aroma of potatoes when enjoying.

During frying, the maximum oil boiling point should be about 175°C, do not let the oil temperature be too high, it will cause the potatoes to dry and have a bad color

Step 2

- Next, take out the bag of potatoes and remember to carefully read the instructions printed on the package of potatoes, this will help you understand the information of the potatoes to use and store them properly.

- Small but very important hint: For frozen potatoes, you absolutely should not defrost, just take the potatoes out of the freezer and fry them right away, because defrosting will cause the potatoes to soak too much oil, the potatoes are calloused, and lose their crispness very quickly.

Step 3

- Then you take out the potatoes and pour them into the frying basket, although it sounds simple, you should pay special attention that you should not fill the basket with potatoes, but only half the basket because if you fill the basket with potatoes, when deep frying potato oil will fall out, in addition frying a sufficient amount of potato will help the potato ripen evenly and enough area for the potato to swell.

- If you fry with a pan at home, turn on the stove, let the heat medium, also pour cooking oil to cover the pan and take a sufficient amount of potatoes to be submerged in oil.

Continue to submerge the fries in the oil for 5-7 minutes until the potatoes are golden in color and crispy on the outside. Pay attention to the color of the potato stalks, bright yellow is the standard color, don't let the potatoes turn dark yellow.

Step 4

-After frying, take out the basket and shake the potatoes for 30 seconds to limit the oil clinging to the potatoes. Place the fries on a plate with greaseproof paper ready.

- If frying in a frying pan, when the potato is golden, take out the potato and leave it on a plate lined with oil absorbent paper to drain the oil or you can leave it on the blister to drain off the oil.