Monday, 26/04/2021, 11:16 GMT+7

Pasta country has dozens of different types of pasta. Among them there are many familiar types, but not everyone knows all the names and processing as well as their own characteristics. Each different shape not only brings different visual effects, but the usage or processing also has different purposes.

Today, TMT will help you distinguish popular pasta varieties!


Without a doubt, spaghetti is the world's most popular Italian noodle, served regularly in restaurants. This type of pastas is easy to recognize thanks to its long and round golden lashes. Spaghetti also has the ability to combine a variety of sauces, meat or vegetables. If you want to try simple lashes, use lashes with tomato sauce and minced meat. For that reason, spaghetti is often referred to as king of pasta because of its popularity and ease of cooking.


Another long, cylindrical pasta but twisted like a nail. Spirali comes in a variety of colors and is often cooked with sauces rather than used in soups.

Capellini (Angel hair)

Known as the delicacy of pasta in all types of pasta, its name translates as "angel hair". Attractive golden thin pasta can be served with light sauces and vegetables as well as traditional Italian sauces, becoming a favorite traditional dish, can be found on home tables. homes and small restaurants all over Italy. Capellini (Angel hair) is shaped very similar to Spaghetti, but the noodles are small and lighter in color than Spaghetti.


This type of pastas is hollow cylindrical with a diameter of about 1cm and beveled at both ends. Penne are cut diagonally at the ends, instead of straight, the outside often has stripes along the tube

Penne are suitable for processing hot dishes such as baked dishes or cooked with sauces. This noodle dish is mainly present in salad bowls, or simply eaten by sprinkling olive oil with pepper ... Penne pasta will be very delicious when eaten with vegetable sauce with chili, zucchini and artichoke.


This pasta type has hollow tube shape, is only about 3-4cm long and comes in two types: Elbow macaroni (curved shape) and straight shape, suitable for both hot and cold food. Macaroni can be used to make soups, eaten with cheese sauce, minced beef sauce or used as salad dressings.


Linguine is quite similar to spaghetti, but long and flat, not round. This type of noodle is very suitable for seafood, clam broth, but also very delicious when combined with sauces like Arrabiata including tomato, chili, garlic and olive oil.


With a long and flat yarn shape, tagliatelle is usually rolled up into rolls before packing. In Vietnam, tagliatelle is produced in many different colors, mainly used to eat with hot pot. For European dishes, it is often served with a variety of sauces, similar to spaghetti.

Farfalle/Bow ties

Vietnamese people often call this pasta a bow tie because of its shape like a beautiful little bow. This pasta is usually available in a variety of colorful colors, suitable for cooking children's dishes, soups or with meat sauces, cold served in salads. The small "bows" are capable of holding the sauce very well, so this type of noodle is suitable for cream sauces or ketchup. You can look for a vegetable sauce for this type of noodle if you want to enjoy the difference.