TRUNG NGUYEN COFFEE – The Only Dedicated to / Specially for Creativity

WE GROW OUR OWN – By harvesting coffee bean from our own plantation in Vietnam’s Buon Ma Thuot Province and packing them in our own factories, we are able to ensure the consistent quality of our coffee products.

WE ARE GREEN – We invest in sustainable and renewable agriculture. This allows us to produce some of the world’s most delicious coffees while caring for the environment.

WE ARE INTERNATIONAL – We established an international office in Singapore to share our coffee with the world. You can now find Trung Nguyen coffee products in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The masterpieces of Trung Nguyen Legend energy coffee are created from the world's best ingredients, combined with the mysterious oriental know-how and the world's leading modern roasting technology, along with love and passion. passion of the number 1 coffee experts.

The only masterpiece of energy coffee Trung Nguyen Legend converges 3 world famous coffee civilizations Ottoman, Roman, Zen to bring moments of great coffee enjoyment with precious life-changing books.