Jack Link’s is the perfect snack food to take outdoors for almost any sport, activity or adventure.

Our meat snacks are easy and light to carry and can be eaten no matter where you may be or what you may be doing in this wild world we live in.

Jack Link’s NZ supplies the New Zealand, Australia, British and Norwegian armies, to help keep the brave men and women nourished when in the field.

Ultimately, Jack Link’s is delicious, nutritious, and easy to carry and packed full of the real nutrients your mind and body needs to really power you through the day.

New Zealand plays a very important part in the overall success of the Jack Link’s ‘Global Snack Food Revolution’ and for very good reason.

Premium Quality NZ Beef is grass fed, healthier and has considerably less fat than beef from many other countries in the world and is welcomed by countries that have stringent food safety regulations.

To meet the needs of the New Zealand and the global marketplace Jack Link’s NZ produces more than 100 tonnes (560,000 packets) of beef snacks – jerky, steak bars and beef sticks a week, 94% of which is exported overseas.

With the rise of the much more beneficial ‘high protein/low fat diet’ combined with quality premium New Zealand Beef and Kiwi Innovation, Jack link’s is able to bring their delicious tasting beef snacks to the world.