Commitment to Quality
Eating right is an important part of your life. We are dedicated to the highest quality standards, providing people nutritious, farm-fresh products that taste delicious and exceed expectations. Combining responsible farming practices, comprehensive programs for food safety, pledged transparency, and state-of-the-art production, we give people the power to experience healthy living like never before.

Environmental Responsibility
Since day one, we’ve taken a sustainable approach to all our products, constantly improving and enhancing our growing techniques to create food that’s good for you and easy on the planet. In nature, everything is connected and as a leader in the fruit and vegetable categories, we take pride in our responsible practices that set the bar for employee respect and environmental preservation.

Belief In Our People
Great products start with amazing people. That’s why we work tirelessly to continuously improve the lives and livelihoods of our farmers and workers, offering competitive wages, substantial benefits, and safe work environments. Our main core values of Integrity, Loyalty, Commitment and Respect are there to guide every decision we make.  At Dole, we believe that happy hands always grow the most delicious produce.

Our Roots
Since the beginning, everything we do at Dole revolves around a simple principle: quality, and quality, and quality. Since then, Dole has grown into an industry leader with a broad range of products and markets, continually striving to put the highest-quality food on tables around the world.