The Firestone Family began farming the area in 1896, before Washington was a state. For five generations our company carries on this great family heritage from the farm to our processing facility located next to the farm.

The area once known for growing tree fruits and nuts is now giving way to our berries. Our beautiful 300 plus acre farm is located minutes from the mighty Columbia River, just inland from the Pacific Ocean and in the shadows of the Cascade Mountains. The family is driven by a passion for the highest quality and safest fruit, the well-being of our customers, employees, and neighbors, and the preservation of the land which has been so good to us for over 100 years.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our customers expect and deserve exceptional quality food produced in a way that protects our natural resources, promotes personal and environmental health, and sets a high standard for ethical conduct. Through Firestone Pacific Foods sustainable agriculture program we are dedicated to improving the quality of our renewable resources, conserving non-renewable resources, promoting fairness in our trade relationships, maintaining economic viability and continuing to exceed our customers’ expectations for food safety and quality