Choco Rock - Marble choco ball 65 g

Choco Rock - Marble choco ball 65 g

ID 13014
Made Korea
Preservation Room temperature
EXP 12 months

Product Description

Ingredients: Chocolate (69.89%), sugar (27.48%), corn starch (1.07%), synthetic coloring (Titanium Dioxyd (171), corn syrup, thickener ( Gum arabic (414),   gelatin powder, synthetic color (Sunset yellow FCF (110), glazing agent (carnauba wax (903)), synthetic color (Tartrazine (102)), Allura red AC (129), Brilliant blue FCF (133).
Net Weight: 18g, 65g, 250g, 2.5kg
Origin: Imported materials from Dae Young Foods Co.,Ltd. - Korea
Instructions for use and maintenance:
Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.
Used directly, used to decorate cakes.
Shelf life: 12 months  from the date of manufacture.

- Choco Rock candy with carefully selected ingredients, helps provide energy, vitamins and essential nutrients for daily activities.

-Candies have many unique, novel and colorful shapes, very suitable as gifts for relatives, friends, especially children. In addition, candies can be used to decorate cakes and decorate desserts more vividly and brilliantly.

Products are completely imported from Korea, manufactured on modern technological lines and packed in Vietnam according to strict procedures, ensuring absolute quality, food safety and hygiene for consumers. use.

- The product is packaged in a small package for convenient use and carry