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Imported & Distributed Products
Imported & Distributed Products
Baker Cheese, Inc.
Baker Cheese, Inc.

A Family Focused on Quality

Baker Cheese is a fourth generation, family-owned, string cheese manufacturer located in St. Cloud, Wisconsin. Since 1916, our focus has been to manufacture the highest quality cheese and to provide exceptional service.

String Cheese Specialists

For over 30 years, we have manufactured 100% natural string cheese. By focusing exclusively on string cheese, we can consistently provide our customers with the highest-quality, all natural, freshest string cheese.

A Flexible Cheese Manufacturer

Our flexible production environment allows us to fulfill the unique needs of every customer size from a small local distributor to large, nationally recognized brands. We have the capability to package our string cheese in a wide range of package sizes. Our string cheese is marketed in the Upper Midwest under the Baker Cheese label, as well as around the world under many different private labels.

Muldoon - Phô mai que tẩm bột vị bia
Muldoon - Phô mai que tẩm bột mini
Muldoon - Phô mai que tẩm bột
Mozzarella String Cheese - pack 24
Mozzarella String Cheese - pack 5
Mozzarella String Cheese - pack 3
Mozzarella String Cheese - pack 1