ID 10004
Made Egypt
Preservation Below 25°C
EXP 12 months

Product Description

Ingredient: Cheese 20% (pasteurized cow's milk, lactic acid, salt, rennet), butter, skimmed milk powder 3%, milk protein, emulsifying salt (Dinatri disphosphate (450), Sodium dihydrocitrate (331)), thickener Carrageenan (407), salt, acidity regulator (330), water, natural color (Beta-carotene (160a), beta-apo-8' - Careotenal (160e)), natural Cheddar cheese flavor Natural 0.5%, Preservative Potassium sorbate ((202) – 1000ppm), Preservative Nisin ((234) – 12.5ppm).
Weight: 200gr

Made: Egypt, produced by Best Cheese Company For Dairy Products

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place below 25°C. Use directly, better when refrigerated, should be used up within a month after opening the box.

12 months from date of manufacture.

  • Teama slices burger is a high-quality cheese product of Egypt, using modern production processes and its own recipe with completely natural ingredients, no additives, resulting in soft products. smooth and characteristic aroma of cheese
  • The main ingredient is made from 40% cow's milk, butter, condensed milk to help supplement essential compounds and provide energy for the body.
  • Teama slices burger are often used to combine with hamburgers, cheese cakes, etc. or directly because of their delicious, fatty flavor.