Monday, 26/04/2021, 10:28 GMT+7

Life is developing day by day, people gradually pay more attention to their own health. Perhaps that's why the trend of "Healthy Food" emerged as a strong wave.

Referring to "Healthy Food", we cannot fail to mention US dried beans, a popular food in the Vietnamese market, with high fiber content, rich in protein, and no added ingredients. Gluten and cholesterol Combined with the high content of forlics acid, iron, potassium, vitamins and minerals found in beans, legumes are gradually becoming an essential and indispensable food for meals. nutrition every day.

Dried beans help us:

Protect your heart from many dangerous diseases

With a high content of soluble fiber, dried beans help lower blood cholesterol, reduce the risk of stroke and atherosclerosis. Besides, American dried beans also help slow down the digestion, absorption and blood sugar stability, good for people with hypoglycemia, diabetes.

Regulates blood glucose levels

Legumes have a very low glycemic index because they contain both starch and protein. So compared to other starchy foods, dried beans help stabilize blood sugar and even help prevent diabetes. Beans are high in fiber, which slows starch absorption and improves blood sugar levels.

Contains high amount of protein

Legumes are a more effective and healthier meat substitute because of their high protein content. Dried beans are cholesterol-free, rich in vitamins and minerals, and free of any saturated fat. Especially for vegetarians, beans are the main source of protein for the body.

Beans of all kinds help slow down aging

Some legumes contain an ingredient called resveratrol, which prevents the damage to DNA that leads to aging.

Black beans and lentils are the two types of beans that contain the highest amount of this ingredient.

Beans nuts help boost energy and help you lose weight

Because beans are rich in fiber, low in calories, rich in vitamins & minerals: Ca, K, B6, Magnesium, folic acid ..., so beans reduce weight, enhance body shape & help make skin bright and smooth.

It is because of the great health benefits that dried beans are called a superfood and are certified by nutritionists. In particular, the US dried bean line is one of the most popular and widely used products on the market today.

With high product quality, stable nutritional content, clean, non-GMO, gluten-free and hypoallergenic products. It is for the above reasons that US dried beans are always preferred and chosen by consumers for daily meals. In addition, dried beans are also a food that can be processed in many different ways such as mixing with rice, noodles, making bean soup, bean soup, salad, stewed bean dishes, ....

It can be seen that US dried beans are a great choice for health, an indispensable dish for vegetarians and nutritionists. Don't hesitate to treat yourself to a Healthy meal with American dried beans.

Currently, US Green One dried bean products are being distributed by Trung Minh Thanh Importer & Distributor, with good quality, guaranteed, US origin.