A family operation that’s well-run, market-driven, and constantly refining production techniques can still make it in this business.- Francis Baker - in an excerpt from Dairy Field, July 1991

Though spoken over 20 years ago, no truer words could be said for what has driven Baker Cheese since 1916.
For over 30 years, we have manufactured 100% natural string cheese. By focusing exclusively on string cheese, we can consistently provide our customers with the highest-quality, all natural, freshest string cheese.
Licensed Cheesemakers
Each batch of string cheese is created by one of our many Wisconsin licensed Cheesemakers who help ensure that the string cheese meets our high standards of quality, taste and consistency. This continual focus on quality has allowed us to gain a national reputation for string cheese, winning several awards over the past three decades both at the prestigious United States and World Championship Cheese Contest.