Pauly Cream Cheese 28x6

Pauly Cream Cheese 28x6

ID 82005
Made USA
Preservation 2 to 4 degrees C
EXP 300 days

Product Description

Ingredient: Pasteurized milk and cream (95% - 98%), yeast, cheese, salt, stabilizer INS 412, emulsifier INS 410, stabilizer INS 415.       
Net weight: 28g, 168g (28g x 6 unit), 56g (28g x 2 unit)
Origin: USA, manufactured by Schreiber Foods, Inc.
Storage: Store at a temperature of 2 to 4 degrees C. The product can be eaten directly or processed.
Shelf life: 300 days from date of manufacture.
Product Description:

Pauly is a natural fresh cream cheese with white color, soft cream, sour and slightly salty taste which is typical of this type so using Cream Cheese are fatty but not greasy.

The product is often used to make desserts such as cheese cake, or  used in fruit smoothies. In addition, Pauly cream cheese can be used directly with bread, cracker for a nutritious breakfast.